Pfsense as L2TP/IPSec client for VPN service provider

  • Hi all,

    I've been using openVPN very happily to configure some VPN links to a VPN service provider and route traffic out over different paths using fireall rules/gateways to enhance privacy etc. However there's some services that I wish to use that do not have an openVPN service available, and the only other option that I think I would be able to use is IPsec/L2TP. I've been really struggling to setup any link at all via this protocol. I've tested the remote end with my Android phone, which works fine and was inredibly straight forward: server address, shared secret, username and password, and go!

    I've tried using the VPN/IPsec section, but I wasnt able to get a response from the remote end, and the setup seems to be more for a site-site link where I have full control of the networking both ends (no option for DHCP). I've looked at setting up a new WAN/PPP gateway using L2TP, but it doesnt like any IP settings I put in and I cannot save the page.

    Am I going in at all the correct direction for this, or is what I'm trying to do not possible?

  • I have nearly the same question. I wonder why nobody answered to this?

    I try to connect my pfsense box as a client to a l2tp/ipsec server. I think this can't even be configured in the pfsense gui as
    on the l2tp tab you can only set up a l2tp server and on the ipsec tab you can only configure pure ipsec connections.
    But i am not sure about it.

  • Same question here again. Is there a definitive "No, it doesn't work" yet?

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