Blank IKEv2 P1 showing after 2.3.1

  • Ever since upgrading to 2.3.1, I have had a strange issue with one of my IPSec P1 entries.  We have 3 P1 entries, one going to our datacenter, and 2 going to satellite offices.  The 2 satellite offices look fine, however, the datacenter P1 shows as offline, however, there is another P1 that has no description associated with it shows connected.  This Mystery tunnel actually goes to our datacenter, all 4 P2 SAs are working fine as well.  Nothing is actually wrong, and everything functions as expected, it just looks weird.  Any ideas out there?

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      ![2016-05-25 13-30-26.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/2016-05-25 13-30-26.png)
      ![2016-05-25 13-30-26.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/2016-05-25 13-30-26.png_thumb)

  • I have narrowed this down to an issue of using the Split Connections option.  The other 2 tunnels are connecting to pfSense appliances and do not need this option, the one with the problem is connecting to an ASA 5510 and needs the split connections option.

  • Yeah there's a status display issue in that case. There is a bug ticket open on general issue there.

    It'll work fine, the status output's just wrong on the "down" one.

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