Broken packages NUT ,bandwidthd from old version remain on web gui menu

  • Hi guys I didnt uninstall NUT and BandwidthD before the upgrade so I have them on the menus and all they do is return 404 nginx error can you tell me how to cleanup this.
    Nut was reinstalled and widget works but not the menu tab(404 error)
    Thanks in advance for the assistance.

  • I have some 'NUT residue' (no pun intended) left over myself. lol

    I had a corruption issue somehow and could not access the router via WEBGUI or console so I didn't get to upgrade or prepare properly like I had planned to. I was on 2.2.6 and decided today to just do a clean install of 2.3.1 then use the automatic restore method of a recent 2.2.6 config.xml file.

    NUT does not show as installed under packages. On the dashboard I have a yellow X circle and it cannot be restarted. If I try to install it from PACKAGES, it goes fine and succeeds…BUT then my WEBGUI becomes unavailable and I can no longer access my router.  I have to reinstall and restore all over again.

    ***Update 1
    Last night as an experiment and a chance to learn, I installed/reverted back to v2.2.6 (what my config backup is based on) and NUT is still a mess. I checked the logs and it said the CONFIG file or file was missing. I don't know how to fix this. I'll probably post my own thread as I don't want to hijack this one and not sure if I can contribute or if our troubles are the same.

  • My problem is that NUT shortcut points in the menus to http://pfsense/status_nut.php and I want to make it point to http://pfsense/ups_status.php for the new NUT
    That and I want to delete the bandwidthD shortcuts from the menus http://pfsense/bandwidthd/index.html and  http://pfsense/pkg_edit.php?xml=bandwidthd.xml

  • I started my own thread seeking guidance. As I stated here, I didn't want to jack your thread fearing we had separate problems.

    Anyway, see my thread - I solved my problem myself and possibly this will be a solution for you.

    *NOTE -
    I took a guess and was successful. My method was via a reinstall after having made backups of the config. You should be able to just upload and restore an edited config file.

    Another thing . I am not sure if it matters when restoring or how it may/may not affect us and our package problems but I made 4 different types of backups (just in case a different kind was easier or better for solving this problem). 1 with everything, 1 without RRD DATA, 1 without packages and one without anything except bare bones config. These are the possibilities under the BACKUP menu via check box options.

    Even more, I also had an error message upon restoring to my edited backup that there was duplicate blah blah at lines 3356 or something. I simply edited the config file, removed the duplicate lines then restored again and all was well. It sounds complex but it was all simple and common sense based. I was done in 20 minutes or less and I am an amateur when it comes to pfSense and almost clueless with *BSD.

    Hope I've helped you.

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