Letting servers respond with their own IP

  • Hello,

    I'm not very knowledgeable with networking setups, I'm learning as I go but I ran into an issue that I'm not sure how to solve.  From what I understand, I think I need to "de-NAT" my setup but I'm not even sure of the terminology.

    We have our pfSense device installed in a data center cabinet, connected to a switch and right now there's a single server on that switch.  Once everything works we'll move another 5 servers into the cabinet.

    The ISP gave us the public IP (and one other, I think .33) and we also have the network pointing to the pfSense device.  We set up interfaces for WAN, LAN, and DMZ in pfSense with the DMZ connected to the switch that we'll put all of the servers on (the LAN will have things like NAS backup devices).  We have one server there now, which is assigned  These are WHM/cPanel servers, so eventually that entire IP block will be assigned to the 6+ servers, with each of them responding to multiple IPs.  But, each server has a "main" IP (in this case .130) that should be the public IP for that server.

    When I send requests out from the server, the public IP is, but I want other servers to see traffic coming from the main server IP,  When we move the rest of the servers there I don't want them all to use the same public IP, I want each to respond from its own main IP.  This is how things are working at the current data center where the servers are, but I'm not sure how to set this up in pfSense.

    If there are any questions let me know, although I may need to drive to the data center to answer some of them, right now we only have physical access to the pfSense device.  That's another thing I'm working on.


  • Where you have public IPs on the LAN, just disable NAT. Firewall>NAT, Outbound, disable there.

  • Fantastic!  Thanks.

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