Looking for a mini PC capable of running pfsense + VPN /ipsec

  • Looking for a mini PC capable of running pfsense as a standalone device on a home network with VPN, IPSEC OPENVPN squidguard snort VoIP this is for a home network. Total clients 8, connection 100m/50
    The VPN will mainly focus on 2 clients of the network.
    Most of the clients are streaming clients Smart TV's or host machines for gaming /surfing /video and a freenas hosting all the media to the target machines

    My focus is to move away from a virtual client as the  gateway/router and shift the workload to a low TDP device I've been considering this for awhile I just hope the device I've been considering will be adequate.
    Budget trying to keep it around $300-350. Size is also a consideration small if possible
    http://tinyurl.com/zvdrutf  i5 4200u 4/8gb  either 64gb/120gb ssd
    my focus here was AES-ni plus the Intel NICs 82574l  there is also a i7 4500u variant but its only a dual core

    My other options are just go all out and build a mini-itx either jetway nf9j-q87/i3-4170 , or go with an Intel atom platform D2550 will that be enough on the cpu?

  • There are many ways to walk down the road for you here.

    Fits exactly the needs in my eyes:
    pfSense store SG-2440 would be nice matching to that case and is supporting the pfSense project.
    Look at the pfSense or Netgate store.

    Is a good, silent, and small alternative to that:
    PC Engines APU2C4 is also running well for that use case for sure.
    As a bundle for ~250 €

    No AES-NI but powerful enough to handle all:
    Jetway NF9HG-2930 ~$199
    2 x 4 GB ~$40
    mSATA ~60
    M350 ~$40
    PSU ~$10

    Push all other away and is really upgradeable and powerful or strong!
    Pending on the chosen CPU a real pfSense bomb
    ASUS Q87T / Gigabyte Q87TN
    CPU as you need it
    max. 16 GB RAM
    2 x miniPCIe

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