Slow upload after DSL line upgrade. Up speed about 1/3 of what is possible.

  • Hello,

    I've been using pfSence for a few years now using a DSL modem in bridge mode.  Recently had a faster line speed upgrade along with a new modem/router  from Teksavvy. The speed was increased from 6Mbps down/1Mbps up to 50Mbps down / 10Mbps up.

    -If I use the new Teksavvy (ZyXel VSG1432-B101) router out of the box in router mode (without the pfSense box)  I get the advertised speed as tested on DSLReports.

    -If I put the ZyXel in bridge mode, and plug it into the Wan interface of the pfSense box, using a desktop connected directly to the pfSense Lan port, I get about 2/3 slower up speeds.

    -If I leave the ZyXel router in bridge mode, unplug the pfSense box, and plug in a desktop to the bridge configured with my PPPoE credentials, I get the 50 down and 10 up that I should.

    It seems to me that the problem might be with the interface cards my pfSense box which is a FIT-PC2i from Compulab.  It has 2 Realtek 10/100/1000 Base T Ethernet ports. The pfSense Dashboard says the LAN Realtek is configured as 100base TX full duplex. There is no indication ( that I can see ) of the speed of the WAN RealTek.

    I tried putting the LAN interface to 1000 BaseT full duplex instead of 'autoselect' and pfsense hung.  I had to restore a backup to get it moving again.

    I've read the pfSense manuals, and cruised the forums and was coming to the conclusion that the RealTek boards were the issue and I should just bail and get a new box, but then it occurred to me :  If the Realtek interfaces can download 50Mbps, why the heck can it not UPload 10Mbps ???

    If anyone has some hints as to how to reconfigure the LAN or Wan ports, or anything else to look at please let me know.

    I might be strange, but the thought of ditching any hardware without giving it a good shot is unthinkable !

    ![pfSense partial dash.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/pfSense partial dash.png)
    ![pfSense partial dash.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/pfSense partial dash.png_thumb)

  • You might want to check the network cables.  I had to re-crimp the cables because of this, in order to get to 1Gbps.  Realtek has a windows diagnostic utility at their website you can d/l at their site to check to see if cable is OK.

  • It was a great suggestion, but no cigar !

    I used the same cables as in the successful tests.

    This problem will be like a stone in my shoe until I figure it out.

    Any other hints ?


  • Hello,

    I'd check the tips in this page:

    And then:

    Take special attention to Disable hardware checksum offload option (System > Advanced > Networking), as having hardware checksum offload enabled is a known troublemaker for Realtek hardware.

    Jorge M. Oliveira

  • Thanks Jorge

    I stepped through the suggestions in your posted links, and nothing seemed to work until I got to Traffic Shaping. 
    The Traffic Shaping had been done on the original installation, so of course the speeds were off !
    I reran the Wizard and tweaked it a bit, and voila - I get to keep this old box for a while longer.

    Appreciate the tips, they were right on :)


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