Multiple VirtualIP and only 1 gateway

  • Hello,

    I have 4 ip available, and all usable, and I would like to configure pfsense so you can use them all as IP Virtual.
    The problem that I can not get over is that all these ip have the same gateway, also these ip do not work if they are not associated with a MAC address.

    I first thought to configure four network adapters on VMware that had to be configured with 4 mac address, plus a fifth that was to connect the LAN.

    For as I said earlier pfsense not let me configure the same WAN gateway on more revenue.

    How can I do?


    Thank you

  • You just add virtual IPs on your WAN, not additional interfaces.

  • Not working!

    I applied a rule to test if I can reach via ICMP, but it does not work.

    I am follow this tipic for to be sure ….

  • Are you saying they all have to be associated with a unique MAC address? Usually not the case, but if it is, CARP will address that (though make sure your ESX is configured appropriately to allow multiple MACs to the port, in promiscuous on that port group).

    Guessing it's more likely you've polluted your upstream ARP cache messing around with multiple NICs. That's the likely cause if it's cable, power cycle your modem, then the VIPs will likely work.

  • No, one VIPs is associated with one mac address. I think this is the problem. In addition to the question of the gateway

  • You only have one gateway, you don't add one gateway multiple times. Use one WAN NIC. Delete the other WAN NICs you added, add IP alias type VIPs on WAN, power cycle your modem, and they'll probably work fine unless your ISP has an atypical setup.

  • It's OVH datacenter! I will try in a few hours

    EDIT: Not work again

  • Hello,

    I'd recommend the following setup:

    • Virtual Network Adapter with a vMAC connected to pfSense WAN

    • Set in OVH Control Panel the same vMAC for the 4 IPs

    • Assuming the block purchased was ( -, you'd configure pfSense WAN statically with the following settings:
      Mask bits: 32 (equivalent to
      Gateway: Not set

    • Configure LAN as suits your better, example:
      Mask bits: 24 (equivalent to
      Gateway: Not set

    • Then add a gateway manually for the WAN (If your dedicated server is at 203.0.113.X, you'd use as the gateway) and set the advanced option "Use non-local gateway through interface specific route" to allow gateway outside subnet.

    • Add the virtual IPs to your WAN:,,

    In the past this used to be much more complicated (I've followed those tuts to a certain extent on earlier pfSense versions):

    Jorge M. Oliveira

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