CARP/XMLRPC Sync - Rule removed from SYNC on slave.

  • I just setup a master and slave running 2.3.1 pfsense.
    I set up HA and it work fine the very first time (all configuration, FW rules, users …etc ) got replicated to slave from master.
    However, the rule on SYNC interface to allow traffic from the master was deleted therefore, after the first time, the master can't sync anymore with the slave.

    Anyone has any idea why the rule on slave node was removed?
    I tried to check "No XMLRPC Sync" for the rule on master, and even remove all the rules SYNC on master ... no help!

    Any suggestion will be much appreciated.

  • Because you didn't have one on the primary at the time. Add the rule(s) on the primary, add again on the secondary so the primary can sync to it, then sync.

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