2.3.1 update on APU1D4 with pcie ssd // stuck at bootscreen "no bootloader"

  • After running pfsense succesfully for over 10 years this is the first time an update broke by pfsense box.

    I updated tot 2.3.1 from the gui this morning and saw no error messages. After the reboot, it all seemed to take long before the pfsense gui came back.
    Eventually I connected the serial interface and saw that pfsense was stuck on the boot-screen.

    It says "No bootloader"

    I used my USB recovery stick to access the pfsense box. My ssd is mounted trough /tmp/hdrecovery but i'm unable to find any configuration files.

    How can I make my SSD bootable again… or how can I access my config files on de SSD. There must me a dozen config backups on the ssd but I can't find them.

    Please help !

  • Rebel Alliance

    Config should be in /cf/conf/config.xml afaik. In  /cf/conf/backup are all the old versions. Hope you can save some of it.

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