Help me finnish PeerGuardian 2 like Package

  • Hi

    First I would like to thank all the PFsense developers out there for making a great firewall.
    I need someone who is experienced with building pfsense packages so that I can contact that person with a few questions I may have about building pfsense p2p package. Please MSG me if you think you can help.

    I have a PeerGuardian 2 perl like scrpt working with pfctl on my pfsense 1.2.1 firewall and would like to package it for pfsense.
    My Pfsense 1.2.1 firewall blocks all p2p blacklist ips from but allows http trafic through.

    This is what the script does…

    1. Downloads a remote gzipped blacklist file from (level1.gz)
    2. The level1.gz is converted to a pfctl friendly file format and saved.

    I then modified and rc.bootup so that pfsense 1.2.1 starts up a rules.debug with the blacklist file table using the level1 pfctl file.

    Thanx JamesDean

  • I would love to have this also! Thanks for working on it … did you make any more progress?

  • I wanted this too but not limited to one list (dshield, bluetack).  But the ability to add firewall dynamic pfilter tables hasn't been added yet.  This like the bogon rule would just be a hard coded static rule.    The "infrastructure" was supposed to be changes to use tables maybe ver 2.0 but that  was way back in ticket 1057 08/2006.  Ticket 185 even describes this same thing.  But its response was let squid do it.
    If it isn't wanted.  I had a outline on the modules needed to download a url to a file (schedules, decompress, conversion, cronjobs)  and add the fire wall rule.  But this is only possible if adding like the bogon rule. or some significant firewall rule module changes.

    Strange how the somethings are difficult to include in the scope of the firewall/router (WAP, UPNP) but appliances seem to be hot now.

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