[Resolved] Avahi stops working after a few minutes

  • I´m running pfSense 2.3.2-DEVELOPMENT (amd64) with the Avahi package installed in a VirtualBox VM on a MacBook Pro.

    After the Avahi service starts it works fine for a few minutes, I can access the WebGUI and ssh into pfSense using the qualified hostname. After 10-15 minutes Avahi stops working, the pfSense FQDN is not resolved. After a restart Avahi is working normally again, for some minutes.

    Anybody else seen this behavior with Avahi on pfSense?

    My MackBook is now connected to another network at another location. So far Avahi has been working flawlessly and hopefully the problem is resolved.

  • I think I may have a similar issue. I use avahi for bridging mDNS across my LAN and Wifi to facilitate zeroconf discovery of pulseaudio servers, and after running for a while, discovery of pulseaudio servers on the network fails - oddly enough, even for devices that are both on the wired LAN. At this point, pfSense reports that Avahi is still running, and syslog entries regarding invalid response packets from my FreeNAS server. After restarting the Avahi service, everything works normally for a time.

  • Were there any unusual entries from Avahi in your system log when it would stop working? I've switched my media center to use a pulseaudio tunnel rather than zeroconf for now, but this is still an issue I would like to resolve.

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