Could pfsense be blocking traffic on a port

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    I have an issue going on and it is rather weird. I have an HP M402 n-dn pcl-6 laserjet printer, I did have it plugged into port 15 of my TPlink TL-SG2452 48port smart switch, It was working fine when I first plugged it in now it is not working at all. I have checked the port on the switch with a lan cable plugged into my computer and it worked, i have tested the printer on another switch i have and it works fine. but when i plug it back into port 15 the printer and port refuse to talk to each other , no lights no nothing….

    can anyone give me a possible answer to why this is happening, did pfsense block the printer for some reason and if so where do i look to check. any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • Make sure that all the devices are on the same IP subnet. By default pfSense will hand out as the LAN network. Your PC's are probably using DHCP serverd by pfSense while you might have a static IP on your printer. Make sure both are within the same subnet.

    The traffic in your LAN goes through the switch and never hits pfSense.

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    "no lights no nothing…."

    What is the config on that port in your smart switch?  If no lights then no nothing is going to work..

  • @johnpoz:

    "no lights no nothing…."

    What is the config on that port in your smart switch?  If no lights then no nothing is going to work..

    Thats right no lights , at all even if i plug it into another port on that swtich, it refuses to connect for some odd reason, but if i connect it to my other switch it works just fine, the port config has not changed at all its at default settings I even reset the tp link to factory defaults and still the printer refuses to accept any connection this is a brand new printer too. again not sure what is going on. Dont know if it is the switch or pfsense possibly blocking the printer from connecting .

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    What does pfsense have to do with a switch port?  Come on think for a couple of seconds here..  How does pfsense tell the switch not to negotiate a connection "lights" on the switch??

    "the printer refuses to accept any connection"

    Well again No Lightly No Worky!!!

    Is your printer 10/100 while your switch port is hard coded GIG?  You get NO Lights at all, not even a flicker when you first plug in the cord??  But your saying this printer works on another switch?  And your saying other stuff works when you plug it into the port on the switch printer doesn't work on?

    What is the printer, what is the switches involved.  What is the cable your using.  You changed cables right?

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