Squid AD authentication problem

  • i use pfsense 2.2.6 and want user authenticated with AD on squid package.

    i discuss this problem with pfsense technical support (View Ticket: #AMD-67428) but my problem not solved.
    technical support said: "This is usually covered by Professional Services since AD is highly involved."
    and this is the professional services answer :
    "Hello, Reza.

    After discussing this issue with our engineers, we are not going to be of much assistance here. To get started on the project, we would have to model the scenario in our lab. This would take several hours at a minimum. We're not even sure it will work conceptually. Further, we do not have the resources to address this type of issue with Active Directory. I would suggest that you seek support in the pfSense forums (https://forum.pfsense.org/).

    Sorry we could not help.

    my other service like mangeengine service desk and other service currently user AD for authentication without any problem.

    in system -> user manger ->Authentication Servers added AD and in  Diagnostics\Authentication all users ok test
    User: r.mxxxxxxxxxxxxxx authenticated successfully.
            This user is a member of these groups:

    and i add AD in Proxy Server: Authentication that screenshot is attached.

    problem: when users set proxy in browser user and pass not authenticated.

    Squid - Access Logs

    Date IP Status Address User Destination
    28.05.2016 10:12:30 TCP_DENIED/407 alt1-safebrowsing.google.com:443 - r.mxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    28.05.2016 10:12:30 TCP_DENIED/407 safebrowsing.google.com:443

    the last system log:
    "May 24 14:46:24 php-fpm[95871]: /pkg_edit.php: [squid] Antivirus features disabled.
    May 24 14:46:24 php-fpm[95871]: /pkg_edit.php: [squid] Removing freshclam cronjob.
    May 24 14:46:24 php-fpm[95871]: /pkg_edit.php: [squid] Stopping any running proxy monitors
    May 24 14:46:26 php-fpm[95871]: /pkg_edit.php: [squid] Reloading for configuration sync…
    May 24 14:46:26 php-fpm[95871]: /pkg_edit.php: [squid] Starting a proxy monitor script

    ![Proxy Server- Authentication 2016-05-28 10-17-22.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/Proxy Server- Authentication 2016-05-28 10-17-22.png)
    ![Proxy Server- Authentication 2016-05-28 10-17-22.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Proxy Server- Authentication 2016-05-28 10-17-22.png_thumb)

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