Is transparent port forwarding possible?

  • I am trying to determine if there is a way that port forwarding can display the originating source instead of the IP address of pfSense.

    We have a pfSense server that was added to an existing network and it is handling some inbound firewall stuff for a collection of servers.  For example, one of these servers is a voice chat and is configured to forward the default port used by the application to the custom port the server is configured to use.  Port forwarding is working correctly as I can direct to pfSense with the standard port and it redirects to the server with our nonstandard port, but now everybody's connection shows FROM the IP address of pfSense.

    In this current setup, is there a way I can make pfSense present the Clients IP retrieved from WAN and pass it through the port forward?  Or am I going to need to think about restructuring?

  • If i read you right, then the pfSense is not the default gateway for your setup.
    Whoever set this up, had to configure the outbound NAT to show the source as the pfSense, because otherwise the traffic back would not leave via the pfSense.

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