Only first port forward NAT rule being processed??

  • currently i have only two port forward NAT rules setup going to the same server as shown below….in the attachments

    the first NAT rule fires properly, but every port forwarding NAT rule AFTER the first one does NOT get processed. i have power cycled the firewall twice, and i still have the same scenario…  >:(

    can anyone point to any problems i have set? much appreciated!

    now to the screen shots ...attached

    please note the status capture...
    smtp requests are being directed fine, but then the next NAT rule (HTTP) does not get processed...
    i KNOW that is infact a HTTP request and it has a webserver at that IP for the request(s)

    i am running 2.3 at the moment, but was going to upgrade to 2.3.1 but i go by the ol addage of 'if it aint broke, dont touch the damn thing!' ....for the most part.

    any suggestions, i missed something...etc....i thank you in advance!    :'(

  • You have the destination address (WAN address) but haven't set destination ports (25 and 80).  So the first rule catches everything.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    ^^ Set your dest ports to 25 and 80 respectively.

  • DHU, crap….i cant believe that i missed that.

    changed, and now it all works.

    man i feel dumb ....thanks gentlemen!

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