Access webGUI using DDNS address

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to access my webGUI using my DDNS address thru my IPSec connection; which I know I can do with a firewall rule. I'm having difficulties with (if it is a simple firewall rule) accessing the webGUI thru IPSec using my DDNS address, and possibly my hostname+domain name. I followed this guide here to setup my IPSec VPN. The reason i'm doing this is because (even though my local network ip address isn't common) I want a way into my home network while in the event i'm in a place that uses the same address space as my home network; while i'm trying to vpn into my home network.

  • Hi crisdavid,

    I realize that my suggestion is not a fix, but why are you even usig IPsec for remote access VPN in the first place? I think that OpenVPN makes a better candidate.

    That said, do you have any restrictions in using only IPsec or it's a matter of personal taste?


  • I already use OpenVPN BUT I like IPSec at lot more. I like that it's intergrated in my devices and I don't need third party software for like Mac and etc. I actually have this problem with my OpenVPN as well.

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