Need help!! Web USER IP & Public IP address issue with Multi-Wan

  • Hi guys,

    First of all, thank you for your help.
    I try my best to explain this issue, It is a bit tricky I never came across anything like this before.

    Recently I am testing new bedroom management that base on Website. It's a very convenient way, no installation require. However I am getting issue that it keep asking me to log in every 5-10 mins or simply when I make the page load. I talked to their support team and it turn out how the web work is that it remember the User IP which base on the customer Public IP Address.

    I have three WANs connect to PFsense so basically my public IP address keep switching between this three make their Web server confused every time Public IP address change.

    Is there any ways I can set one specific Public IP address to show on that Website?

    I have tested Three WANs with TP-Link Load balancing and it didn't even give me any issue with the Website.
    So I thought Pfsense might have some sort of configure I could set.

    There are two question here as far as my knowledge goes

    Is it possible to configure in Pfsense to display only one Public IP address toward the Website?
    Is it possible to set this Website to use only WAN1 but not WAN2 & WAN3?

    Please feel free to share your idea or let me know if what I wrote wasn't clear enough

    Thank you again for your help

  • Ahhh fine. Answer my own forum :)

    See the setting below. Using Firewall Aliases & firewall Rules

    Firewall Aliases & Firewall Rules
    -  Firewall Aliases
    -  IP > Add -
                      Name = (Aliases Name)
                      Description =
                      Type = Host(s)

                      IP or FQDN = (Domain IP Address)

    - Firewall Rules
        - Lan > Add
                    (Leave everything else as normal except Destination)
                    Destination =
                                        (Single host or Aliases)  /  (Aliases name)

    - Advanced Options

    - Gateway  ( Chose WAN interface)

    Click save