IPv6, Wan and Lan Seperated, Unable to get gate way to work

  • Hi all,

    Upgraded to 2.3.1 yesterday and I have tryed to get IPv6 going on my network.

    I have setup Lan dhcpv6 ok I think

    I am getting an Ipv6 address as shown but;

    Somewhere It is broken in the gateway?

    I am thinking Vlan is the issue but have been unable to set it. This is very simular to the issue i had getting setup with vlans on ipv4

    My Isp requires a Vlan of 10 on the ipv4, And that is what the _vlan10 means on the end of the ipv6? address at the top?
    (as shown in the attached dashboard picture)

    Firewall rules are defult and are the same on both  ipv4 and ipv6.
    Also set Dns Servers for both ip4 and ipv6

    anything I have missed? I am A complete newbe to IPv6.


  • May 30 00:33 LAN [fe80::1c96:b259:c94a:b0aa] [ff02::1:3]:5355

    Also getting the above message on fire wall tab.

    hope some one can help,
    have also trying a reboot while I sleep.

  • Hi,

    See also my reply here https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=112737.msg627400#msg627400

    pfSense is not a training device to learn IPv6. It is a device can handle IPv6 if … you can handle IPv6 - in that order.
    (and if you know how your ISP is handing over your WAN-IPv6, etc)

    Btw : I'm not saying that what you want to do isn't possible. It just seems to me a rough road to take.

  • It Maybe a case of my isp hasn't set up their stuff yet.

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