Modem connection data to QoS; where to start?

  • Hey guys,

    to make traffic shaping a bit more seamless I'd like to write a script that reads the connection speed for up- and download from my modem and puts these two values directly into pfSense's bandwidth fields of the traffic shaper.

    I've already written a small application for Windows to read the modem data and extract the values using telnet and regex, but I have no clue how to do the same from within pfSense and in addition pass the values on to the traffic shaper.

    Unfortunately I can't seem to find a resource on the web that might get me started. Maybe I'm using the wrong search phrases. So I was hoping that you folks might be able to put me on the right path with a link or two.


  • I've also heard of people on other systems using scripts that ping a target and when the ping goes high, it starts to clamp down on the traffic shaper. Because traffic shaping is almost only useful if you're the slowest link. If your ISP is not giving you enough bandwidth, then that is no longer true.

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