Master becomes Slave and Slave becomes Master

  • Hi at all,

    I have the following configuration:

    interface LAN /24
    interface WAN /16
    Interface Sync /24

    interface LAN /24
    interface WAN /16
    interface Sync /24

    Virtuelle IP /24

    both machines are running on 1.2.1-RC1

    I configured the machines like described in the tutorial

    The virtual LAN IP is reachable and the failover works fine. The problem now is that I set the Advertising Frequency on FW1 to 0 and at FW2 to 101 and if both machines are online always FW2 becomes master.

    Do you have any suggestions what´s wrong?



  • I got the reason why it didn´t work:

    The LAN Interface of FW1 was a 10 mbit network card! Until I put in a 100 mbit network card it works fine!