Unable to remove NTP GPS from configuration

  • Hello all.

    I'm having some troubles with removing my serial GPS from the configuration. In pfSense 2.2 there used to be an option of “none” in the serial port menu, both for NTP serial GPS and for NTP PPS, and that's how I removed the GPS from the configuration. However, in pfSense 2.3 I can only choose cuau0 and cuau1 from that menu. Is there another way to remove a GPS from the NTP configuration from version 2.3 that I'm not seeing?

    If anyone knows how to do this then I would be grateful for some hints. I've attached some screenshots below for illustration.


  • The following PR was submitted, it contains a change that should fix your problem:
    (I also dealt with an equivalent issue on another page)


  • Excellent, thank you!  :)

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