[Solved] Mail Cannot Receive but Can Send (Zimbra)

  • Hi,
    I have just installed my pfSense server and can do most things so am happy.
    I am though having trouble receiving mail into my Zimbra Server.
    I can send mail out, but nothing comes in. I know the server is working as I can send mail internally.

    I had created a WAN rule to direct all the necessary ports to the server, using aliases but as nothing was coming in assumed it was a block, so I therefore created a separate direct rule (no aliases) for each port.
    But still nothing is coming in.

    I have attached a screen capture of the rules. Could someone please advise me where I am going wrong?

    Thanks and kind regards,

    jB  8)

  • Are you sure your ISP is not blocking incoming port 25 traffic (very common issue)?

    You have other port forward rules that allow you to check your mail from outside your server, do they work properly?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Wan rule, so you created the port forward and it created the wan rule for you??  You can not just create a wan rule that allows traffic to your rfc1918 address and expect it to work.  Your natting, so you have to create a port forward.  It will then create the wan rule to allow the traffic to your nat.

  • Hi,

    Thank you to all who respond to my plea.

    I followed your instructions and am now receiving mail.
    I had not read as far into the manual as I should have and set up manual rules without port forwarding.

    So, RTFM in future my lad.

    Thanks and kind reagrds,

    jB  8)

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