[SOLVED]Developing packages make install fails

  • Hello,

    I created a pfSense VM (VMware) with port and source to developing packages.
    Copyed port into /usr/ports and source into /usr/src .
    In the freebsd documentation stands: first "make install" than" pkg create" for creating a pkg package.
    When I try to install(with make install) pfsense-pkg-cron, I get the error message that "make exec (install) failed (no such file or direcory) error code 1".
    The make command that fails is the first line with install :
    In Makefile:
    ${INSTALL_DATA}  -m 0644 ${FILESDIR}${PREFIX}/pkg/cron.xml \ {STAGEDIR}{PREFIX}/pkg
    In Shell:
    "install -m 0644 -m 0644 /usr/ports/sysutils/pfSense-pkg-Cron/files/usr/local/pkg/cron.xml /usr/ports/sysutils/pfSense-pkg-Cron/work/stage/usr/local/pkg"

    I looked if the directorys and files exists and they are there.
    Does anyone had the same problem or know how i can fix it?

    Many thanks

  • as far as i know, there are no build tools installed on a default pfSense system (no gcc/cc or glibc)

    that said, try make install pfSense-pkg-Cron

  • Administrator

    Here are my incomplete instructions on making a package: https://gist.github.com/jdillard/3f44d06ba616fec60890488abfd7e5f5

  • Thanks for help, now it works :)

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