Variables for spamd

  • I'm trying to figure out the variables to put in rejection notices for spamd. Something like```
    Rejected as potential spam due to the server $&{client_addr} is listed in the Blacklist $&{RBL_name}. Please see http://www.$&{RBL_name}=$&{client_addr}?

    I'm sure it's possible I just don't know where or how to do it in the webgui.
    The pfsense and spamd package is great so far!

  • You can setup RBL entries in the blacklist area.    Is that what you are wanting or do you want to know what all the variables are available?

  • I'm really impressed with and appreciate the quick answer!
    What I'm trying to do is similar to what Exchange 2003 does in the rejection message. This is wht I have as one of the filtering rules on an Exchange rejection message:

    Message refused due to possible SPAM from your mail server IP address: %0 which is listed in %2 Please contact your ISP or Email Administrator. Possible information and evidence may be found

    The variables I'm looking for would be where it says %0 is IP of the sender %2 is the blacklist name (That one isn't that important, the IP of the sender is the one I'm really interested in.
    When setting up or editing an external list, do I put the variable in the "Reject message" textbox or the "Provider URL or Filename" textbox? Or does it matter?

    Upadate: Just the variables available would be great. I'll blacklist one of my outside mail servers and try it.

  • %A expands to the IP in the blacklist.

    Since each blacklist is added individually then you know what database url to insert for each response.

    I couldn't locate any other variables in but if you come across any others, please let me know.

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