Separating browsing and online gaming

  • my goal is to separate the browsing and online game.make browsing limit and online games unlimited bandwidth.
    i have a single 8mb/1mb dsl connection.

    so far this is what i have done…...

    *make a limiter...
    1. Upstream.........500mb.......mask "destination"
    2. Downstream.....4000mb......mask "none"

    *make a Alias
    Browsing_Port.......port 80, 443

    *make a rules
    Source Port         Destination Port             In/Out

    IPv4 TCP any         any         any         Browsing_Port     Upstream/Downstream

    the rule i make is in the top position of default rule.its been 3weeks since i started learning pfsense,,search
    the web for tuts and reading post in this forum and still can make it work properly as i desire.
    actual test tells me that theres something wrong or something i missed,but i cant still figure whats the problem
    is.heres how i test 2 clients,one is for browsing and the other is for online gaming.when making my
    speedtest it shows my limiter rule,that good.but simultaneous using like....client1 watching youtube and client2
    playing Crossfire its start to build PING.

    i try to configure it in many ways i know but still no luck.
    a little advice will appreciate so much.TIA

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