Will this be ok as a project start sorry newbie questions with broadcom 5709

  • Ive never used Pfsense before but used Freebsd quite a bit at home

    I know my AMD chip and Asrock motherboard work well with FreeBSD as it was my bear metal install for using plex but moved it over to a jail in another box now

    I have found a spare quad broadcom 5709 will this be ok as all the talk seems to say go Intel

  • Have a look at the FreeBSD supported hardware list. If it's in there then it should at least work.

    I'm using all Realtek NICs in my ALIX and APU systems. Despite popular belief all the bits still seem to be straight. But I don't push them to the max.
    Intel NICs are always a safe bet but not mandatory.

  • thanks seems to work fine as I’m posting this message to the forum with the PC connected to it with no issue

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