Help making opt1 on Alix board a second lan

  • I want to make opt1 a second lan but not having much luck so far. First thing I did was was assign opt1 and enabled leaving ipv4 setting at none. Next step I created a bridge between lan and opt1 and then I went to firewall, rules, lan, and and selected pass and opt1. Hope that makes sense. I followed this guide  but still can not get wan over opt1. Must be missing something simple. :(

  • Go to Firewall -> Rules -> OPT1.

    Add a default allow any any rule there.

  • Actually I thought I had that rule. Here is what I have in the below screen shot. but no connection to opt1 still

  • Any other ideas?

  • How are you testing connectivity? You do know that any host on OPT1 should use the same IP subnet, gateway and DNS settings as the LAN hosts since you're bridging the two?

  • Why do you want to do that? A bridge is NOT a replacement for a switch, not even the cheapest $5 device.

    I created some bridges years ago with LAN and WLAN interfaces.
    Just activate the host interfaces and leave them alone.
    Create a bridge from LAN_IF and OPT1_IF
    Activate it, assign it an IP, configure DHCP server, etc.

    At  System: Advanced: System Tunables

    | | Set to 0 to disable filtering on the incoming and outgoing member interfaces. | default (1) |
    | | Set to 1 to enable filtering on the bridge interface. | default (0) |

    you may want to change the default settings

    Or buy a $5  5-port switch.

  • Ah, and make sure all bridge member interfaces have an active link. One interface down may brake/disable the bridge.
    Did I mention that this won't happen on a $5 switch?  ;)

  • Ok I will just use a switch. I was looking at the Alix box as a router with one wan and 2 lans. Just thought that was what the opt1 port was for.

  • @porkenstein:

    Any other ideas?

    Do you have any floating rules?

  • Yes, this is very possible. At current, I have it enabled on my box. One wan (plugged into the motherboard) and two lans (using a dual port NIC)

    What I did was:

    1.) Go to "Interfaces / OPT1"
    2.) Set IPv4 config type as "Static IPv4" Leave everything else alone in that section
    3.) Scroll down a little and give opt1 a static IP. Something like
    4.) Leave both of the boxes in "Reserved networks" unchecked
    5.) Click save

    6.) Go to "Services / DHCP Server /
    7.) Click "OPT1"
    8.) Check "Enable" under "General Options"
    9.) Change the range to "(From)" "(To)"

    Now, plug in your OPT1 to your pc or something, and you're good to go. (at least you should be)

    (also, make sure you have the "allow all traffic" rule enabled in OPT1. You can customize it to your liking, but this is just to be sure that it works.)

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