Best way to bridge for given scenario - need guidance

  • Important note: My understanding of bridging is minimal, much less configuring in pfSense.  The docs are lacking the details I need, but I have found enough there and on the internet to get things started…

    Here's my situation:

    My ISP requires me to have their wireless router (which I have to control over) connect to their fiber.  From their my set-top for my TV service through them is attached.

    When I hook my firewall directly in I can get internet, but I have to add my own WAP to get wireless (because their SSID/user/password I can't change) and switch to get additional computer on wired network.  In this set-up I have no TV and their router just blinks forever looking for a signal or something.

    Now if I bridge my WAN to my OPT1, and open up my bridge firewall rules to the world I can get my TV back, use their wireless router, etc, all while keeping my LAN and personal WAP safe behind firewall/proxy.  But I feel like this is a terrible solution.

    Am I going down the right path here?    Essentially, their equipment doesn't want a pfSense DHCP address, their equipment seems to want my public IP address, which is why I bridged WAN and OPT1 (OPT1 is where I have their equipment plugged into).

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