CA and special characters like &

  • Why it is not possible to create a CA with special characters?

    I found some threads in the forum where this was discused for 2.1.

    I understand that this list is implemented for compatiblity but maybe someone could implement a checkbox to allow some special characters?

    I like to migrate the OpenVPNs and the CA from a Debian Firewall to PfSense but this is not possible if i can't create the CA. I don't like to create the CA and certs on a differnt server.

    Here in Austria it is normal to have & and . in the company name so please allow these special characters.


  • Any ideas or maybe a workaround to get this characters to work?

    Is it enough to change the php files of the ca manager? Is there somewhere else a validation for these characters like openvpn ipsec or something else?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    IIRC it was a limit of OpenSSL or the PHP OpenSSL module. They were rejected and wouldn't properly create a certificate. Might be worth a re-test.

    Supposedly certificates can contain those now but they have to be utf8.

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