• because of its possisition, i try to connect Wan interface, Wan 2 interface, Lan Interface of PF sense, with modem1, modem 2 , wireless 1 into one one switch with the PC clients

    it comes with trouble. Broadcast Storm from the wan interfaces Comes Up. It create High traffic on the networks and nothings is work.

    it is possible to disconnect modem1 and 2 from switch and directly connect them to wans. but wireless 1 is too far from pfsense, and there is only one cable network connects to wireless and clients via switches.

    is it possible to connect Wan to basic Switches?


  • If you have 2 cable modems plugged into the switch, there is a good chance that they are on the same broadcast domain on the ISP's side so you are creating a switching loop. You would need to have a VLAN capable switch to isolate the two networks from each other.

  • Not to mention the broadcasts from the LAN clients, this is a terrible setup and will never work properly.

    Use VLAN capable switch or multiples physical switches.

  • new switch  ??? ? nobody will pay  :P

    i think i have to separate my Wans from switch, and of course climb up my tower to move the wireless closer to the Pfsense.

    and there will be nothing at the top of tower.  :-X

    thanx guys.