Weird problem with one of my lan client.

  • Hi.

    I am having some weird problem that i have been trying to solve for this past 2 days. Running pfsense 1.2 on alix with dmz, lan and wan.

    Everything works fine except for 1 client (dhcpd server), i turn off pfsense dhcp server.

    DMZ ip is and LAN ip is

    the NIC interface:

    vr0: LAN
    vr1: WAN
    vr2: DMZ

    my dhcp server is running on centos with static ip gateway The weird problem is it cant browse/ping the network but other client on my lan is able to connect/ping to the server. So i've checked the routing table and here is the result.

    192.168.0 link#1 UC 0 5 1500 vr0 x.y.z.93 UGHS 0 12704 1500 vr1 00:12:0e:3b:b7:bc UHLW 1 11 1500 vr0 168

    as u can see dhcp server is connected to vr1. I've double checked the configuration and also the network switch and cable (even change to different cable) but still it shows that it is connected to vr1. x.y.z.93 is the modem gateway ip.

    Any help??