Squid User Access Report - alternative interface?

  • Is there an alternative interface available for the squid proxy package?

    I've been able to look at a test users usage but the logging doesn't reflect what the user is doing, it is showing hundreds of links which include advertisements that were not actually visited.

    Maybe I'm missing something?

    Thank you


  • This is normal.  Every page on major sites are loaded with webbugs, beacons and linked 3rd-party content.  Not to mention that a lot of sites and content are hosted on CDN's (like Akamai for example) so you'll see a lot of funny URLs when you look at access.log.

  • Okay so if I wanted to monitor a persons usage, this just gives me the raw information. Is there a method to filter by the URL they actually visited or should I be looking for an add-on or different product?



  • Lightsquid generates reports based on squid's access.log.  You could also grab the raw access.log and then run it through an external log analyzer like AWStats.

  • Is it possible to integrate into the interface or do I really need to export the file for analysis?



  • Lightsquid generates reports based on squid's access.log.

    It's a package.  Install it.

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