RA router mode: Managed vs Unmanaged?

  • HI,

    I'm a newbie to IPv6. I have setup IPv6 on my pfSense WAN and LAN interface to be working without issue with RA router mode set to Unmanaged. DHCPv6 server on LAN is disabled. However, once I changed the RA router mode to Managed, after running for a period of time (~24 hours or less), IPv6 suddenly stopped working, e.g. using ipv6-test.com, it reported that IPv6 isn't supported anymore while my WAN and LAN still got the ipv6 address, can't reach any ipv6 website until RA router mode set back to Unmanaged.

    And idea what I'm dong wrong?  Thanks.

  • Unmanaged = SLAAC (StateLess Address Automatic Configuration)
    Managed = DHCPv6
    Assisted = SLAAC preferred, DHCPv6 available

    If you set your RA to managed, but don't have a DHCPv6 server on your network (either from pfSense or another device on your network), then your devices won't get an IPv6 address.

    Also, it should be noted that Android devices only use SLAAC for IPv6 addresses, so you need to either be in Unmanaged or Assisted mode. And Windows will only get an IPv6 address via SLAAC; it won't use RDNSS provided DNS servers. DHCPv6 is required for DNS servers under Windows.

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