Temperature reading for SG4860

  • Is there a particular core temperature at which I should be concerned?  My readings have always been in the low 50's, but today they are reading 60-61 on all 4 cores, which is into the "yellow" zone (set as >60 - this came preset in the device, so I am assuming it is based on the device's temperature tolerances).

  • You are probably fine.

    I've never used the product, but from my googling it looks like the SG4860 uses an Intel Atom C2558 chip.  Intel's chips typically have very high heat tolerance.

    for some reason, I can't find the TMax spec for the C2558 (it's not on intels ark specifications webpage for some reason) but similar Atom chips have specified Tmax temperatures of 95C-100C.  In fact, just about every Intel chip, desktop, mobile or Atom in the last 10 years has had a ~100C or just below max temp

    AMD chips tend to have a lower max temp in the ~72C range if I recall.

    I wouldn't worry at all about an Intel chip at 60C.

  • This document, on pg. 3, indicates the C2558 is a "standard temp SKU" ???. Haven't been able to find out what that is exactly.

    FWIW, the C2000 Family Datasheet says 0c to 100c :o on pg. 689 is "the normal operating temperature range for all product SKUs."

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    That's normal assuming that is the passively cooled desktop version.


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    My desktop version runs cooler than that. And its on top of switch, etc.

    Do keep it pretty cool in the house in the winter..  House is normally like 69 F… And don't think I its ever had to break a sweat even..

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