PfSense box broken

  • I've been using pfSense for over a year now, not really knowing much about it - basically treating it as an appliance - switch it on and it just works…

    However yesterday something must have broken, and after rebooting several times I can't get it to work properly. It seems that one of the NICs is not working. (I have tried different cables to ensure it isn't a cable fault.) I have a Supermicro MB (not sure which one) with twin Intel NICs. How can I tell whether there is a hardware fault?

    pfSense can't assign IP addresses to both NICs although I am able to PING the outside world from the box

    And if I can't get both NICs working, can someone point me to crash course in VLANs? I have never used them, but understand that I can use pfSense with just one NIC if I have a smart switch. I have a TP-LINK TL-SG2008  which supports VLANs but have no idea how to configure it.

  • I couldn't figure out how to set up a VLAN so decided to get a USB NIC and am back in business using a ThinkPad T61 as my pfSense box.

    Unfortunately the USB NIC only supports 100Mb and am wondering if this might be causing a bottleneck and if I would be better just using the internal Intel 1Gb NIC together with a VLAN…

    Any advice?...

  • Got space on the mobo to drop in a PCI or PCIe NIC?

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