Haproxy Drain Issue

  • Hello

    I had used the pfsense on my local machine with haproxy package,I am used 3-4 host  which  can see on the stats page if i put one of them in drain state  and add one more host in the backend then its automatically change the state of last modified  host drain to ready(UP) state.

    Is there any solution to persists drain or maint modes of backend of Haproxy, even if we reload (add,delete a host in backend).

    Thanks & Regards.

  • Hi kulpreet,

    Its kinda 'by design'.. As these drain settings made on haproxy's stats page are not persisted by haproxy package. And every config change needs a restart of haproxy thus loosing its old state..

    Though it maybe possible to save server state and load it back. Haproxy did add some support for that feature. http://cbonte.github.io/haproxy-dconv/configuration-1.6.html#load-server-state-from-file

    I'm looking into that now.


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