• Not sure if this is the forum to discuss Kernel panics but here is was an observation. I have 2 Dell PE 850 SATA with 2 onboard BroadComm GB Nics and 1- 4 port router card (RouterBoard 44). We setup CARP and configured 250 VIP on the master and all was good. We started adding NAT rules and Aliases untill we hit about 150 + NAT rules, Then we applied the NAT rules and with in a minute or so the system rebooted it's self. During the bootup process it Kernel Paniced while loading FTP HELPER service and started a reboot loop. Looking at the boot messages we noticed that befor it started to mount drive it complained about drive being unclean and it went through a half dozen drive repair sectors and started to boot up normaly till it hits FTP helper then panics again. We had made a few backups during our setups the last being a few minutes before appling the NAT rules.

    We ended up re installing the master system and went to restore backup when we did a common error as we had master and slave system in a tabbed browser, we ended up by misstake restoring the backup file to the slave instead of the newly built master. Doh… well it rebooted the slave afterwards and to our supprise the slave system now was doing the same thing the master was doing. It now was kernel panicing on FTP Helper and also doing the drive currupt/auto fix then panic and reboot loop.

    We have since rebuilt both systems and restored a much earlier backup to get our VIPs back with out any NAT or Aliases and both systems are now working fine. We are redoing the NAT's again and will report back here if it fails again in same manor. We will also watch for odd entries we may have made to confirm it was not a fat finger that blew it up.

    It's a odd one we think and are courious if anyone else has seen a simular issue.


    We did have snort package installed on both boxes but not configured yet, That we now notice is nolonger available due to lack of a maintainer..  :'( ??? Man someone needs to pick that project up!!!