• Hi,
    My LAN network is 192.168.0/24 (yes, not
    My DMZ network is 192.168.1/24
    My Web server is
    When I try to access my Web server (in DMZ) from inside my LAN (from a machine with IP, it accesses instead.
    I have set up port forwarding rightly (I think).
    Can anyone please tell me what may have gone wrong?

    Thank you in advance.

  • There is no port forward involved here …

    To access the DMZ you only have to have a firewall rule that allow your LAN to communicate with your DMZ and since it's a DMZ you might want to restrict that access to only specific ports to specific server in the DMZ, but there is NO NAT involved here ... Only firewall access rules ... For starter create a rule that allow everything from LAN to DMZ, usually there is a default rule in pfSense that allow the LAN to do anything, go into the DMZ firewall rules and create a similar rule to allow it to access anything...