VLAN setp problems

  • Having problems setting up a VLAN networks – don't quite see what I'm doing wrong here – but being a bit dumb on networking could do with a bit of help with this as I'm missing something.

    (LAN is (WAN -DHCP)

    Intent – to have 3 separate VLAN networks to send to a single Unifi AC lite – AP from 3rd NIC port (plus the duplicate with wired with netgear GS108Ts - vlan enabled switches – for the time being testing one VLAN at a time via Ethernet VLAN connection)

    Setting up VLAN on 3 rd  NIC

    3 VALNs created on tag 100, 200, 300  - intended for 2 OPENVPNs and CLEARNET from WAN
    2 seperate OPENVLAN interfaces for each VPN connections both set as none in IPv4&6  config

    VLANS set enabled with static address, 10.0.5 .1, and DHCP sever enabled.

    NAT outbound rules set for each interface as allow all to all.

    Rules set to allow each of the separate  from the 2 OPENVPN interface addresses to the seperate  OPENVLAN VLAN addresses And the CLEAR NET interface to WAN addresses.

    When connected via VLAN connection to the CLEARNET VLAN via VLAN tagged Ethernet connection (Linux) no connections available to anything – no ping to pfsense box or anything else.

  • Can anyone help on this as not able to get any connection to anywhere  via vlan!

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