IPSec - Mobile Clients - wrong subnet bug?

  • Hello,

    I am using IPSec IKEv2 MSCHAPv2 on pfSense 2.3.1_1 and everything is working fine. I am just wondering about the subnet that is used. In the "mobile clients" section I set "provide a virtual IP to clients" and it set it to in the text field an 24 in the selection. So usually a mobile client should receive an IP/subnet.

    When I check Status->IPSec with one client connected it says in the lower "show child entries" that the IP/subnet of the connected client is

    Why is there a 32 subnet instead of a 24 subnet?

  • Not a bug, there is no concept of a "subnet" in that context. The /24 means you have 255 IPs to assign. Each client gets a /32.

  • Ok I understand, so in consequence this assures that all traffic of a IPSec client is routed by pfSense and that there is no "direct" connection between those clients.

  • Right, there is no connection from client to client. Anything other than a /32 would imply the host could talk to other hosts on that network directly, which isn't possible in any mobile IPsec context.

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