Any thoughts on the Atom processor Mini-ITX for pfsense?

  • The Atom is supposed to be a lower cost solution.  Curious if it would work with pfsense.

  • Looks like it works with Freebsd.  Problem seems to be with the NIC.  Uses Realtek RTL8102EL.  Got that from an article here:

    Also uses "One PCI Conventional* bus connector"

  • The NIC is a problem - see this thread (click). Even if it is eventually sorted out, it's still a Realtek 10/100 part. Realtek NICs have a history of not being that good in FreeBSD and aren't ideal for any sort of server load.

    I believe the "PCI Conventional" description is saying it's PCI, rather than PCI-Express. If that is the case, you can use any PCI NIC - subject to the necessary space in your case, a riser card if your case needs one, and a suitably large power supply. If you only need one port (as you would if you were using 802.1q VLANs), a cheap Intel desktop Gigabit NIC will get you going, though I'd recommend an Intel server NIC if possible.

  • Have you considered the new Via Processor yet?
    I’m not a big fan of Via but the new “Mini”-processor looks quite decent:

    (yes, it does use more power but take a peek at the benchmarks.)