Help me to install PFsense firewall. I am new to this

  • Hi Friends,

    I am very new to PFsense, so please help me to start from first and help me in installing the same.

    I am trying to install this software in my windows 10 64 bit OS, but the ISO i got from the website is able to boot from the same but unable to start the installation , it is still showing the third line something related with BTX…..! Do i need any additional hardware for the PFsense, as I have heard that this is a free firewall device that comes as software.

    So help me to get the exact installation source, where I can get the same. Please share the exact link.


  • it isn't a Windows program.  The ISO installs onto your computer as a stand alone system.

  • Okay, so that means the PF sense should have to install as we install a fresh operating system…Am I correct?

    I tried to boot from the CD but it is being stuck at the initial stage showing ....BTX.....

    Kindly help me to get the exact ISO image, can anyone share the exact link please.

  • If you try to install on your Win10 PC the installation process will wipe out Win10…..
    You can install in a VM environment, if you are not confortable with VLANs, you should have 2 nics for an easy installation. This forum and youtube is full of instructions.

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