Configuration of pfSense to have an Access Point

  • Hello, I just bought an access Point, and I am not able to connect it to the internet, I think I have to change something in pfSense, but I am sot sure. I asked before in Server Fault ( ). Please I would aprecciate any suggestions, thanks in advance

  • A couple of additional questions need to be answered first…

    1. Are you connecting the access point directly to an interface on your pfSense box? (likely yes, but just want to make sure)
    2. Do you want the wireless network to be part of your existing network, or separate from it?

    If the answers to both 1 and 2 are YES, do you have a switch that you can connect the access point to instead? If so, connect the AP to the switch instead of your pfSense box and that should make it accessible for setup and use.

    If the answer to 1 is yes and 2 is no, then you will need to set up a second network under Interfaces > Assign in pfSense. Select the interface that you connected the access point to, and give it a more recognizable name than "OPT1" (or whatever it defaulted to). Set it up with an IP address different from your regular LAN. You'll also need to set up firewall rules for the new interface to allow outbound traffic, either all or whatever specific ports you want. If you don't want wireless users to access your LAN, you'll probably want a "Block" rule preventing any connections to the destination of "LAN Network".

  • the answers 1 and 2 are yes. I am connecting it in a switch, but I cannot access to it in wireless devices, unless I activate DHCP in my tp-link box, but still I can't access the internet (I only can access the configuration of my pfSense)

  • Your question was already correctly answered on your post at serverfault.

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