Gigabit USB or PCMCIA NICs which work with pfSense

  • Can anyone recommend a Gigabit USB or PCMCIA NIC that works with pfSense?

  • I take it that you using a laptop with one nic , PCMIA+ dual Ethernet nic do exist but finding one that works with Freebsd 10.3 is what you need to search for look for supported hardware its a long list  FreeBSD 10.3 supported hardware
    You could still pull this off with just a single nic given that the network your  hosting isn't pushing a ton of traffic  you would need a managed level2 switch though.  [  Internet > managed switch >  pfsense/router> Lan ]  and route all the traffic through the single nic  would work for all outbound / inbound .

    If your lan clients are all static you could probably get away with offloading some of the tasking through the switch it would keep the CPU utilization from being overtasked.

  • I understand that it is possible to use just one NIC and a smart switch and I do have a TP-Link TL-SG2008, but have never set up a VLAN, although I guess that it something I should learn to do.

    I have pfSense set up as a DHCP server and most clients are set up for dynamic IP. My first hurdle is accessing the switch which is on a different subnet. Should I enable DHCP on the switch?

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