IPSEC Site-to-Site as Backup to Wireless Link(

  • I have a wireless link between two sites where Site A has an interface that is bridged to Site B.

    Site A                                          Site B
    (WAN - x.x.x.x)                    (WAN - x.x.x.x)
    (WAN2 - ((())) (LAN -
    (LAN -

    Everything is working fine but I want to create an IPSEC site to site as a backup link incase the wireless link goes down. The problem occurs when I set up the IPSEC phase 2 with remote network of I can't set the IPSEC as a gateway or policy routing. How do I get it so i can get a transparent backup link when wireless goes down?

  • Also, I am hooking up to a Edge router on the other side. It seems that edgeOS supports VTI (Virtual Tunnel Interface) for IPSEC. When will pFsense support "routed IPSEC"? If it is routed, I believe we can treat links as gateways and do load balance and failover correct?

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