Certificate For Radius

  • When Cr8ing certificates I am getting this "Server=No" Shouldn't Pfsense be a server since it is creating the certificate?

    CA: Yes, Server: No

    Can anyone share how to configure Radius by using Certificates?

  • You can create certificates and chose between two types. These options can be changed under "Certificate Type" in pfsense Cert-manager when creating a certificate.

    User certificate - e.g. for OpenVPN clients, Radius Clients using EAP-TLS
    Server certificate - e.g. for pfsense WebUI, RADIUS Server, OpenVPN Server

    so it has nothing to do if pfsense "should be a server because it is creating certificates". Pfsense can be use a a CA (Certificate Authority) or like a certificate manager tool which can create certificates for many purposes. You can use pfsense as a certificate manager, create CA, certificates and so on and thennjust export them and use the certificates on complete different systems which do not have anything to do with pfsense.

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