Mounting an 64GB USB stick for large files: ntfs? ext3/4?

  • Hello,

    I want to use a 64GB stick on my pfsense so that I can use it to transfer bigger data to other operating systems. The stick is currently formatted with ntfs however I can't find a way to mount ntfs using mount, mount -t ntfs nor mount_fusefs. I read the manpage of mount_fusefs but it didn't tell me which systems it supports. Same happens with a FS that Linux can read such as ext3. I could use msdosfs after formatting the USB with fat16 but since it's a 64GB stick and fat16 doesn't support filesystems larger than 4GB and files larger than 2GB I don't want to use that.

    Is there a way to mount a bigger disk with a filesystem that

    • Supports large files >4GB
    • Can be used at least with Linux by default if not Windows at all
    • Preferably without installing packages/kernelmodules that are not included in pfsense

    Thank you

  • What about FAT32? It supports file systems bigger than 64GB. Works with DOS/Windows and Linux.

    Also a possibility is to use FreeBSD's filesystem UFS which might work with Linux but I'm not actually sure on that.