Dell Poweredge 1750 Question

  • I purchased a Dell Poweredge 1750(1 U) off eBay for $300.00. I thought it was a good buy… Anyway

    The unit has (2) Xeon 2.8Ghz Processors
    2 Gigs of ECC Ram
    (3) 10K SCSI Drives Raid 1 w/hot spare
    I also put (1) Intel pro 10/100/100 Nic in and another dual port 10/100/1000 nic in.
    I have my internet connection running on the 1 port 10/100/1000 Intel nic and my lan running on one of the dual port 10/100/1000 Intel Nics.
    I have 4 Vlans running of the Lan interface.

    I run my current setup a Comcast cable modem off it and haven’t had any speed problems. I just found out I will be getting Fios in my area. My question is, will I have any problems handling a 20/2 or 50/5 connection with the current setup? At this point i only have bandwidthd and Squid installed. I don’t see any memory usage right now and about 9% CPU utilization. I was thinking of maybe putting on Snort... Also I have 3 IPSec Tunnels running with little traffic going across them...

    My guess is I won’t have any problems, but before I purchase this kind of bandwidth I would like to know I don’t need to purchase any new hardware to run pfsense 

    Thanks in advance and Im loving the box so far!


  • You should have no problems.  I'm running a desktop with Core2 Duo CPU  @ 2.40GHz on a 20/5 line and it does not even sweat.

    Don't forget to tweak the boot.conf for squid (see other threads on this).


  • Wow, you could handle a 1 Gb connection with that box.  ;)  That's way more than adequate. You could fill a 50 Mb pipe with a 500 MHz ALIX.

  • haha thank you. Just wanted to check…. So I have room to grow. Good to know.