Public ip passthrough - PPPOE over fiber

  • Hello all

    I am having some issues trying to use pfsense to passthrough public IP addresses from my ISP and would like to ask the community for a bit of help. My ISP is using PPPOE over a fiber network, I have a business plan with one static ip and on top of that I have a /29 range of additional IPs.
    Using Pfsense my first IP comes up as the WAN address and I am able to use the other IPs as ip aliases and port forward to servers within my lan and other Vlan.

    Would I would like to do is passthrough the /29 range to VMs behind my pfsense box and use the public IPs on the servers them self's without using a NAT or port forwarding.

    Something like Pfsense > Vlan > VM on its own vlan with public IP

    For the life of me I just can't work out how to get this kind of setup to work, if anyone out in the community has a setup like this I would really like to know how they where about to set it up.


  • Im also interested in a solution to this.

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    If the remainder of your IP addresses are in the same subnet as the WAN, that isn't likely to work. Normally bridging might work but I doubt that bridging to PPPoE would result in a working setup.

    If they routed you the /29 to a WAN IP address in a different subnet, then you could just assign addresses from the /29 to a local interface directly.

  • Can't you use static routes ?

  • @gslongo:

    Can't you use static routes ?

    Depends on what exactly you're referring to, but generally speaking, no, static routes have no relevance to what's being discussed here.

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