Wrap NFS mounting NAS device

  • I am totally new to pfsense (been using monowall for a couple of years).  I think pfsense is great.  I can finally use my 54g minipci card.

    I just bought a cheap NAS Drive kit from office depot, ACS brand.  I was curious if it was possible to modify my installation (by editting fstab, or config.inc) to NFS mount a NAS drive so I can let syslogd output just live there.  Is there already functionality built in somewhere for this type of thing?

    I am not sure if anyone is familiar with this NAS thing from ADS.  It includes a web interface, ftp server, webserver, and even a bittorrent client.  The only thing it lacks is a syslogd server, but maybe someone has hacked the firmware for such purpose?  I threw together a quick and dirty syslogd.java which just saves it off to a text file on my windows box, but this would be really nice to just go the the NAS drive.

    Maybe even mysql can have its dynamic contents on NAS storage.

    I used to do lots of linux and solaris, but my skills have dwindled with time.  Any tips or pointer are greatly appreciated.

  • You want a remote syslog facility.  Logs on pfSense are stored in a ram disk in CLOG format.

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